YouTube Mobile Search

Bringing personalization, intelligence, and browsing capabilities to search.

UX Designer |Oct 2014 - Dec 2014

Smart search results


More than 50% of YouTube users tap on the search bar immediately after opening the mobile app, but only a fraction of them complete their search query. This is because YouTube’s mobile search features had remained stagnant since 2013, offering only a basic and non-assistive experience of accepting queries and displaying non-categorized results.

My Role & Process

As one of 4 designers on this project, I owned the design of the browse experience and heavily contributed to the design of the other features. I created user journeys, vision videos, final mocks, and prototypes.


Our team ’s goal was to make YouTube the best experience for finding the videos to watch. We designed a browse experience (discovering topics without typing in a query), personalized search start (direct access to popular and repeat searches), intelligent previewing (displaying key moments within a video), and photo search.

Image search results


Following this design visioning project, I joined the YouTube social team to lead design efforts there. I handed off my work to the search team, and the designs were further refined and launched in 2015.

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