Opendoor Seller Experience

A seamless, easy experience for getting an instant offer on your home.

Product Designer |May - July 2017

New seller flow experience


All Opendoor customers must answer 30 questions about their home for us to generate an offer. Unfortunately, that experience has usability errors, is not mobile friendly, and only has a completion rate of 40%. Since this is is our top-of-funnel feature that drives growth, it was imperative to improve the completion rate and increase offers.

Previous input flow experience
Initial sketches

My Role & Process

As the sole product designer, I designed the product vision, led team brainstorms, designed the information architecture, created all final designs, built prototypes, and ran foundational and evaluative user testing.

A sample of customer insights from foundational research in Phoenix

Team brainstorm session

A sample of customer insights from foundational research in Phoenix (left), team brainstorm session (right)

  • 1.

    Competitive Research

    Investigated input flows for similar companies such as Offerpad, Knock, Nested.
  • 2.

    Customer Interviews

    Walked through the existing Input flow with customers in Phoenix to identify pain points and opportunities.
  • 3.

    Talked to our local market operators who perform valuations on homes to idenitify areas of improvement on the current flow.
  • 4.

    Brainstorm Sessions

    Led sessions with PM, Eng, Design, Marketing and Ops to diverge and converge on ideas.
  • 5.

    Information Architecture

    Laid out all questions and question types and organized them for better UX.
  • 6.

    Prototyping Design Iterations

    Explored 3 different user experiences through creating working prototypes of each of them.
  • 7.

    Evaluative Research

    Tested the 3 design iterations on against the incumbent design to evaluate the improvements.
  • 8.

    Final Designs

    Created final design specs, and laid out principles for future question additions.

Information architecture for all questions in the flow


To increase the completion rate of the flow and provide an overall better user experience, our team launched a redesign of the flow to incorporate auto-advancement, larger tap targets, streamlined information architecture, and delightful animation.

New seller flow experience (same as top of page)

Additionally, I championed the vision for a native mobile experience based on taking 8 photos of a home, rather than answering 30 questions. Not only is it easier for users to take photos than fill out forms, but it is also provides a more enjoyable experience.

Conversational UI for confirming public data (left), guided photography (center), room selection (right)
Conversational UI for confirming public data (top), guided photography (bottom)


Will be lauching August 2017, with the goal of increasing the completion rate of the flow, and generating more accurate offers.

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