Opendoor Home Value Report

A product for homeowners to check the value of their home and see market trends

Currently in Phoenix.

Product Designer |May - June 2017

Input page (left), landing page (center), report page (right)
Landing page


Opendoor's core product serves homeowners who are looking to sell their home by offering an instant cash value. However, most homeowners are not active sellers and are simply monitoring the value of their homes, willing to sell if the market yields high returns. Our goal was to create a new product will help all homeowners understand their home and market, so that they feel adequately informed when they're ready to sell.

Team brainstorm

Early wireframe sketches

Team brainstorm (left), early wireframe sketches (right)

My Role & Process

As the sole product designer, I led the end-to-end research and design process – conducting research, leading team brainstorms, designing the information architecture, and crafting marketing material. Due to scarce resources, I rolled up my sleeves and coded some of the front end as well.

  • 1.

    Competitive Research

    I first investigated similar products – Zillow's Zestimate, Trulia home values, Redfin value estimator, etc – to identify painpoints and where Opendoor can be unqiue.
  • 2.

    Brainstorm Sessions

    Diverged and converged on ideas with PM, Eng, Design, Marketing and Ops.
  • 3.

    Information Architecture

    I created low fidelity flows to illustrate the experience at a high level.
  • 4.

    Customer Interviews

    Our team conducted quick user research with different concept mocks to validate the product direction over hangouts with 4 customers.
  • 5.

    High Fidelity Mocks & Code

    I created final mocks for responsive design in Sketch and exported to Zeplin. I helped my engineers build the landing page of the product.
  • 6.

    Evaluative Research

    Tested with 10 users on for qualitative feedback to inform v2.
  • 7.

    Additional Features

    After launching v1, I continued to research and iterate on new features.

Wireframes and early design iterations

User research coding

Wireframes and early design iterations (left), user research coding (right)


To better serve all homeowners, our team created the Opendoor Home Value Report. It consumerizes Opendoor's vast amount of real estate data to give users information about their home's valuation, neighborhood comparisons, and market trends – for free. Not only is this useful for customers, it also provides a powerful lead generator for Opendoor's core product.

Report pages
Report page


This product was designed and shipped within two months. Since launch, it has increased lead generation for Opendoor’s main product, and reduced the cost for each lead by almost 50%. Due to very positive responses from users, iteration and expansion is a top company priority for 2017.

Opendoor Home Value Report |2017
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