Annie Tang is a product designer living in San Francisco, CA.

MIT → Google → Opendoor. Need help with a project? Let's talk.

Opendoor Home Value Report |2017
YouTube Social |Design Lead |2015 - 2017
Opendoor Seller Experience |2017
YouTube Mobile Search |2015
YouTube Trending |2015
Creative Hobbies

About Me

I am a process-driven product designer who enjoys solving real-world problems. My expertise lies in user research, information architecture and systems design – crafting interconnected sets of elements to simplify a complex problem.

My Background

After graduating from MIT with a Bachelors of Science in Computational Architecture, I joined YouTube, becoming a Design Lead for the YouTube Social team during my time there. I am currently at Opendoor, building new products to make buying and selling homes easier for everyone.

Skills & Expertise

Design Brainstorms

Concept Videos

User Research

Personas / User Journeys

Interaction Design

Visual Design

Information Architecture

Motion Graphics


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